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  • NHS Work Experience Toolkit Published Posted on 09 June 2015

    'More than photocopying - a toolkit for the NHS'  provides information and resources to help NHS and other health organisations to offer high quality work experience opportunities. 

    Developed with NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations, it aims answer questions and help create or improve work experience programmes. It builds on the good practice that already exists in the health service.

    It has something for everyone, whether you work in a GP practice and are concerned about indemnity issues or you work in a trust and want to grow your work experience programme.

    'Finding work experience in the NHS - a guide for teachers and advisors' provides information and resources to help teachers and work experience opportunities in the health service.

    For a full copy of the guides please click here.

    Nursaw Associates worked with Wax Designworks and Barker Creative.

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