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  • UK first outreach guidance for medicine Posted on 13 November 2014

    A Journey to Medicine: Outreach Guidance is the Medical Schools Council’s first ever guidance on how to widen access to medicine courses for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

    The report is part of the broader Selecting for Excellence project which seeks to widen access to medicine.  Nursaw Associates has been advising and supporting the Medical Schools Council, which includes producing this ground-breaking report.  

    The Office for Fair Access has described the guidance as a 'major development in helping to improve access to the elite medical profession'. It not only showcases best practice but also looks at ways medical schools can further improve their outreach.  

    The guidance, A journey to medicine: outreach guidance, is part of a bank of resources produced by the two-year Selecting for Excellence project.  Selecting for Excellence's final report (to be published next month) will include detailed evidence about issues of access to medical schools and firm recommendations on how these can be addressed.

    Do contact Nursaw Associates (nursawassociates@gmail.com) if you think we can help your organisation.  
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