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  • Barnardo‚Äôs Criticise Careers Guidance Services Posted on 30 August 2013


    I know we all know that the careers guidance services available to young people are not good.  They may help some but not all.  The careers guidance you get depends on so many factors, whether you are deemed ‘at risk’ or attend a school that will invest in support.  Many, many young people will not get the support they need and it will be down to social and cultural capital that enable young people to make choices and we all know who loses there. 


    Barnardo’s has just released a report criticising careers guidance services.  It says that the service is not reaching young people, particularly the ‘inbetweeners’, those who may have low qualifications and be disengaged from school but don’t qualify for extra support because they’re not classified as the most ‘at risk’ by local authorities. 


    But get this … Not one young person Barnardo’s interviewed for the research reported that they knew that the NCS website or Government-funded Plotr site existed. Not one.


    Barnardo’s is calling on the Government to:

    • Make the national NCS phone line number free from all mobiles
    • Ensure NCS number is Skype-accessible so callers can access face-to-face guidance
    • Revamp online careers guidance services so they are higher quality and better promoted amongst young people
    • Guarantee face-to-face careers guidance for all young people who ask for it

    I think that’s worth supporting don’t you?

    To read the report visit: 


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